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Our 3 Basic Principles

At Trinity Park, we adhere to three basic principles of the Christian life:

*Scripture Based Values

We, at Trinity Park United Methodist Church, believe that adherence to Bible teaching is the proper and only foundation for a church. We believe it is futile to hear and not follow through with actions. We believe that actions must be geared to pleasing God and not man, with all actions motivated by love. We believe that God sanctions and blesses those who dedicate their lives unto Him.

The church was founded upon the belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Jesus was born of a virgin, born a man among men to show us the way to salvation. He preached repentance from our sins and baptism or suffer damnation. He died for our sins and by accepting his grace and submitting ourselves to Him through faith, we find salvation and peace upon the earth and hope for eternity with God.

Christ Jesus arose from the dead and ascended into heaven where He is seated on the right hand of God. We expect His coming back soon to the earth as prophesied in God’s Word. This is the Christian’s hope and life.

*A Heart for Missions



Trinity Park is actively involved in mission endeavors with our service, prayers, and our Faith Promise giving.  Locally, we serve in such ways as the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility Youth Ministry, the Landing, soup kitchen, food pantry, and several school initiatives to support teachers and provide afterschool programs for 5th and 6th-grade students.

We support many ministries, including the Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen, The Landing, Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home; Wheeler Rescue Mission, Hope House, Lighthouse Mission, Patchwork Central, as well as maintaining a Local Emergency Fund (Samaritan Fund).

About Faith Promise:

Our mission giving is based on a Faith Promise. Faith Promise is a biblical method (2 Corinthians 9:7) used by many local churches for raising financial support for missions.

Faith Promise is not to be confused with:

  • pledge - no one will remind individuals of the exact amount they owe on their Faith Promise giving
  • The tithe - a Faith Promise is a love gift to God, to be given beyond the tithe
  • substitute for mission offerings - such offerings allow those not participating in Faith Promise an opportunity to give to missions; and, for those who are, it provides additional opportunities for giving as the Holy Spirit leads
  • cure-all for a church's financial problems

A faith promise is a promise between an individual and God where the individual trusts God to provide.  100% of faith promise giving is given to mission work from Greenfield to across the globe.

*Prayer, Our Foundation

At Trinity Park United Methodist Church, prayer is our foundation.  We have designated each Thursday as a special day of prayer in our church. Our sanctuary is open for those who wish to spend a quiet time with God in prayer.  We have an active prayer chain at Trinity Park to react to needs, as they arise. Prayer time is a significant portion of our worship service.  An open sharing of our joys and concerns in worship service combined with a written prayer list in our bulletin is used to inform our congregation of individual needs for prayer. Our altar is always open for those who wish to come to the Lord.

Let us Pray for You!

Each Thursday morning our Prayer Team can pray for you. Send us your prayer request.